Data Missing of survey

Hi SS Team,

I have found some issue in data file. We have downloaded data file in SPSS format and there are total 7 .sav file.

  1. HHroster.sav
  2. interview__actions.sav
  3. interview__comments.sav
  4. interview__diagnostics.sav
  5. interview__errors.sav
  6. PewRegionalPilot_testing.sav
  7. QRVISITS.sav

Point number 7 is the main file where we have found missing data for so many variables. But, when we have checked the same record in paradat, those missing variable’s data is exist. I could not shared the excel file due to not supported here. Only image file can be uploaded. How do I share the excel file for your reference?

Can you share me the reason why data is missing? Also need you assistance that how do we get those entry data in SPSS format without missing? We need to share the data set with client.



If anybody of SS Team can share the reason about the issue at the earliest then it will be a great help.


Can anybody share the reason and solution about the above issue? Waiting for your great reply.


Please try to export using different formats. Just to make sure that data is there.
If data is missing - fill out support ticket with detailed information about server You using.

Hi Victor,

I have downloaded data in all 3 formats e.g. SPSS, STATA and Tabular. All are showing missing data.

How do I fill the ticket and shared with support team? I need your assistance.


Please review interview that you suspect through interview details UI on Headquarters application. Its state should be the same as in export file.

In paradata answers are present event for disabled and later removed answers.