Data export: name of the files to include version of the questionnaire

The new data export to a customizable desitnation is great! it is saving us time everytime the team downloads the data. However, if we have more than one version of the same quesitonnaire, the older version is overwritten when the new version is exported. Thus, it would be great if the name of the .zip files exported could include the verison of the questionnaire.

For example:

‘questionnaire_variable’ (for version 1)
‘questionnaire_variable’ (for version 2)

This was the system used by survey solutions before the customizable file destination, it was very useful.

Best regards,


Dear Andres,

this is a known issue (KP-13008) that should be addressed in the version 19.08. Once it is out, please recheck.

The exported file will be named as e.g.: ‘’

Best, Sergiy Radyakin