Data export in excel using API in my website

Since survey solutions doesn’t have data export in excel, I am creating a data export feature in my own website using python API.
what I have done is, generate and read file in spss and convert in into dataframe:

import zipfile
import pandas as pd
import pyreadstat
import tempfile
import ssaw
from ssaw.models import ExportJob
from ssaw import ExportApi

client = ssaw.Client('survey solutions link',
    token='token code')

job = ExportJob(questionnaire_id="questionnaire_id", export_type="SPSS", interview_status='Completed')
r = ExportApi(client).start(job, wait=True,show_progress=True)
filename = ExportApi(client).get(export_type="SPSS",questionnaire_identity="questionnaire_id", interview_status='Completed')

zip_file_path = filename

# Name of the .sav file within the zip file
sav_file_name = 'questionnaire_variable.sav'

with zipfile.ZipFile(zip_file_path, 'r') as zip_file:
    # Extract the .sav file to a temporary directory
    with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as temp_dir:
        zip_file.extract(sav_file_name, temp_dir)

        # Specify the extracted .sav file path
        extracted_file_path = f"{temp_dir}/{sav_file_name}"

        # Load the .sav file using pyreadstat
        df, metadata = pyreadstat.read_sav(extracted_file_path, apply_value_formats=True)

above code generates spss format dataset in survey solutions and the data into dataframe.

I need help with listing the questionnaire that I have imported in the survey solutions so that I can list those questionnaire in my website and export the data of that selected questionnaire.

The list of the questionnaires imported to a particular workspace of a Survey Solutions server can be obtained with the following graphql query:

      nodes {

Note that this is a paged query. Read more details in the graphql description of the questionnaires query.