Data Export - Don't clear selection after clicking 'Add to Queue'

Loving the new Queue and list of recently exported Questionnaires, it’s a great way to make this task easier.
However, I think it would be even better if the filters didn’t immediately clear after clicking ‘Add To Queue’

A lot of the time, if you are exporting multiple questionnaires at once, you want to do either multiple formats for the same Questionnaire or different versions of the same Questionnaire.
In both cases, it’s more efficient to keep the selections that you had and just changing the one variable in the filters before hitting ‘Add to Queue’ again, rather than having to reselect all 3 variables.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Please note, that each export card has menu in right top corner. You can “regenerate” export file using parameters of an existing card. In this case you don’t need to select all params over and over, you can refresh cards you are interested in.

Oooh! Very cool.
That is extremely useful and feels like it’s deserving of its own button.