Dashboard Peformance Issue

I am using survey solutions for a data collection exercise and facing performance issues with the dashboard for the last two days.

The data export page disappears as soon as I click on it. Dashboard in general is working at very low speed and disappearing intermittently. The issue has been cascaded to the tablets of enumerators and supervisors.

Kindly let me know how can this be fixed. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

What do you mean by “dashboard” on Headquarters? There is a report page “Surveys and Statuses” and “Interviews” page. Which one is not working for you?
Do you have load balancer that could affect the communication between client browser and application? Do you have unreliable internet connection? Do you have issues between application and DB?

Android applications have different implementation. Could you please clarify “The issue has been cascaded”? If you restart the application does the issue persists? What actions are you performing that have issues?


I mean the entire Headquarters has performance issues for the last two days.

“Interviews” page, “Data Export” page, “Survey Statistics” page and others are dissappearing quite frequenty. The supervisors app and web version of it both are facing similar issues on the “Interviews” page. The same is happening with the tablets of the enumerators. The internet connection is stable. Nothing like this was happening two days ago and we have not changed anything in the last two days which we could identify as a reason for this disruption.

Enumerators are not able to sync. When they do so, an error appears.