Customize Text button, Next Section automatically, Numeric question

Dear all,
I have three questions

  1. Is it possible to customize the text for some native button. For example, i want to replace the label “Achever l’entretien” by “Envoyer le questionnaire” ? AcheverEntretien

  2. if we are at the last question in a section, after responding the question, is it possible to open or go automatically to the next section ?

  3. In a numeric question, we can’t write more than ten (10) digits. In survey enterprise, on accounting information we have to write more than ten digits sometimes.
    Actually, the alternative I use is type TEXT in the question and this function self.ConsistsOf(“0123456789”) in validation

Thanks in advance

No, this this is not changeable. It’s meant to be a translation of “COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE” in English.

I think the restriction comes from how Survey Solutions stores numbers in C#. Consider handling questions with expected large values by splitting into two parts: first, amount; second, units (e.g., thousands, millions, etc. – 500 thousand FCFA).

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