Customize emails text (Resume)

Hello, I am setting up a cawi survey on a demo server, but I have a question regarding the configuration of the texts of the emails (customize the text of the emails), exactly I have conflicts with the text that is configured in the Resume option , I have made several tests sending invitations, but I have not been able to see the message that is configured in this option in email, well I do not know when an email with this text is going to be sent, what action causes this email to be sent ?
I would appreciate a lot, if you could explain this to me.

Many thanks in advance

The invitations are sent after you select the corresponding option in the menu:

Make sure you don’t confuse the resume email (bottom panel) with resume page (top panel).

thank you very much for your reply.
My question is about Resume Email , I have been able to send the invitations to my email without problems, and I have received reminders as configured, I just have not been able to receive the email with the text that is configured in Resume Email.
I don’t know when it is sent, if it is after filling out an interview question and it is sent as a reminder similar to Partial response or if it is not sent automatically.

I need to test receiving all the configured emails and I just couldn’t validate the one from Resume.

Many thanks in advanceCaptura

The Resume Email is sent on demand of the respondent so that she can resume the interview from another machine/session.

This is disabled by default, and can be enabled following the instructions at the very last paragraph of the web-interviewing instructions:

Unfortunately, I have discovered a bug in this functionality while writing this response, which prevents the email from being sent, and corrupts the presentation of the assignment details. (the data is not at risk). Please wait for the hotfix before utilizing this capability.

thank you very much for your reply,
We will wait for the improvement of the capacity, before using it as you mentioned.