Customise "complete screen" for self-administered online questionnaires - Note for Supervisor

Dear Survey Solutions team,

Apologies for double posting as I already included a topic in the “new feature” category about this, but as I heard today that several people found this confusing in my pre-test, I wanted to make sure that at the moment there isn’t a way to customise the “Complete Screen”, especially the “note for supervisor” part?

Many thanks,


Yes, you already reported that feature. We got it.

Initially, the Web interview was designed to replicate the tablet experience. Thus all the screens on web interview are designed to match as close as possible the screens on the tablets.

Now, we realized that this was not a right solutions because CAPI is filled by interviewer and a respondent never sees the tablet screen, while CAWI is filled by the respondent. So, we will be making changes in the upcoming releases to improve CAWI experience of the respondents.

Again, apologies for double posting. I just wanted to make sure.

Thank you!


Has this been addressed? Can add a warning message on the ‘Complete’ opage so as to ensure the respondent has answered all the questions before press the ‘Complete’ button?

At this time the respondent always have a possibility to submit an interview. Yet you can decide later not to include it into your analysis by filtering out the exported data based on your acceptance criteria.