Currupt interview

Good day

Is is possible to get some assistance with this please…i am seeing this error on a interview on the server.

Error: This interview is corrupted

Attention! This interview has corrupted data,
only previous version of interview is available.
Contact support for assistance.

See here for a relevant discussion:

Are there any broken packages on the server?

Good day, I am not sure what to look for in regards to your question, Is it possible for you to remote in and check…let me know please…

Dear SS Support,

In the ‘broken packages check’ in diagnostic, when I select one of the interviews, two options are available, ‘Reprocess’ and ‘Put Reason’. Grateful for an explanation on the functions of each of these options if we select either one.

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Survey Solutions attempts to classify broken incoming data packages reflecting the reason why the package was not processed (Exception type). In rare cases (almost always when reason=unknown) one may correct this to reflect a more precise reason. Think of the reason as a memo-field.

Reprocess forces Survey Solutions server to attempt to reprocess the data package as if it was just received. This may be needed e.g. after a software update, if the non-processing of the package was caused by a bug in our code.

Reprocessing is not affected by the reason.

Most users will only ever need this when instructed by the developers or when checking the claims of interviewers that ‘the data was entered and disappeared/lost’.

Many thanks for the clarifications Sergiy.


Dear Sergiy,

Our agriculture survey in Cambodia also experienced similar issues. I had 39 “Broken Packages” that I apparently reprocessed successfully. The issue was the same as described by Yvonne in this post: Error: This interview is corrupted

Does a successful reprocessing mean that the completed case was eventually well-received by the server? Or should I worry about these cases being empty? Also, any idea what could cause these errors? I checked the Diagnostics tab but I could not really understand what happened (I should have saved a screenshot, sorry for that). FYI, our server status was “Degraded” but is now back to “Healthy” since I reprocessed the broken packages.

I will keep an eye on that and may follow-up with you if it happens again.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

If the issue was caused by the same reason as in the quoted thread, then reprocessing the packages shall take care of them and you should see their content as usual. Whether they turn out to be empty or not is entirely up to what was sent by the interviewers.

Hello, we got the same message in an interview, but we don’t see any broken packages in Diagnostic. Where should we look for it?