Current workspace indicated


It would be great if the current workspace the interviewer is working in was indicated somewhere on the screen (the top bar?).

Affected subsystems





IŠD and IŽP (integrated household surveys) - Czech Statistical Office


No alternatives. If not implemented, the interviewers would have to go without it.

Market examples

What is the effect of this feature?

Better orientation for the interviewer.



Generally useful.

Does it make sense?



Dear @kankaales

Are you aware of displaying the current workspace in the top menu under “Workspaces” item?
Do you change workspaces extensively in your workflow and it requires to be displayed all the time?

Our intervewers can have two workspaces (tasks) assigned to them (IŽP and IŠD). They need to know which workspace they are currently working in so that they can avoid mistakes.

In your interviewer manual add the following lines:

In the beginning of the working day log in to the application. Then in the menu switch to IŽP workspace. Do all the activities intended for IŽP workspace. Then, in the menu switch to IŠD workspace. Do all the activities intended for IŠD workspace. Then log out of the application.

In this case your interviewers will not make any mistakes due to confusion of the workspaces.