Current timestamp (date & time) error

We are experiencing problems while trying to capture the current date and time using the ‘Current timestamp(date &time)’ feature on the Interviewer App (Version 22.09.1 build 33151). The application is displaying the correct date but the time is ahead by four (4) hours, e.g. When we tapped on ‘Tap to Record current time’ at 11:09 am today (Thursday 18th April 2024), the date and time 2024-04-18 15:09:12 is displayed. The interview app is installed on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Tablet and the questionnaire, hosted on a Server (the time settings are correctly configured on both the tablet and the server). The time is shown correctly on the Tester app using the same questionnaire and tablet. Your assistance in resolving this issue will be appreciated.

Could you confirm that the time is correct on the tablet? So far as I understand, Interviewer simply takes the system time from the tablet.

The time is correct on the Tablet.

@sharonoudan , kindly describe the sequence of steps you’ve undertaken to confirm the time is set up correctly on the tablet.

Especially check the Time Zone.