Creating several unique random numbers

Hello all!

I tried using Quest.IRnd() more than once in a survey so I can use the value to assign different randomization permutations to a survey, for example one random number to assign question order, another random number to assign 3 or 5 point respond codes, etc. Looking through the pilot data, I noticed that all of the Quest.IRnd() numbers were the same for each respondent, meaning that we are not getting the full spectrum of randomization we are looking for. How can we create more than one random number per respondent in a survey?

Quest.IRnd() is specifically designed to keep it’s value inside one interview.
I suspect you want to have it the same every time you open interview.
It could also be used as a seed to get random values.

You might use this link to look for answer to your question:

Thank you, the code that eventually worked was: (new Random().Next(1, 101)) / 100.0

This doesn’t look good. Once your calculated value is re-evaluated the value produced from your expression will be different, causing unpredictable effects throughout your interview (for example, if you use this value for skips - different questions will open, and the ones active during interviewing will close, resulting in data loss at the export stage).

How many times will the value be re-evaluated in each interview?