Creating line break in interviewer instructions to emphasize two separate instructions

Dear Survey Solutions team,

I saw that formatting using html tags is restricted to question text and static texts, but I wondered if I can introduce a break in the interviewer instructions in some way? I want to include two separate instructions and entering a double line break would be helpful to emphasize both messages. I tried many different things but nothing worked. What I would like to achieve is this


In this question, cargo relates to cargo in general

rather than this

In this question, cargo relates to cargo in general

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Search for Html on our support site.

Thank you Misha,

I had done that prior to posting the question, but I find only one relevant topic: Formatting Text. It has information on how to format question text and static text, but not text in interview instructions (or did I miss something)? I tried the formatting code for text in the instructions but it does not work.



Sorry, I missed that part of your question. Yes, interview instructions do not support HTML. I will add this into our stack of features to be implemented soon.

Sebastian, the html tag for line break will not work in the instructions field as you noted, but a regular line break will. Just press ENTER couple of times to get the necessary spacing between the instruction lines.

Thank you Misha and Sergiy,

I tried with regular line breaks (and I can see the spacing in Designer - I hit Enter four or five times), but in the webtester there is no line space.



Don’t know. Works here.

See example

Hmm, strange indeed. Can it have anything to do with running it on a tablet or online on a PC (I’m doing the latter)?

In any case, thanks for checking!

Do you see the example without the line breaks when you open it on a tablet?
The screenshot above is made in Chrome browser in WebTester on Windows.

Looking back at your question, this is probably a redundant instruction. The interviewers must be trained to record multiple answers if mentioned in multiselect questions, so the instruction may be skipped. But I agree the spacing may be useful for other circumstances.

Thank you Sergiy,

No, I am using Firefox on webtester Windows too.

It is a self-administered questionnaire without trained enumerators.

Hi Sebastian

You can try with the tags
they have worked for me correctly. If you want to put more jumps you just have to keep adding the same tag

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Muchas gracias! I used the tags but without “/” so far. Lo intentaré mañana and let you know!


Hola aelvirr,

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Mistery…



@sebastiaanhesss you only need press ENTER like @sergiy told

But sometime not given the jump that you need. Also is interesting that isn’t show the word “INSTRUCTION” maybe this is a litle bug or a part of the new update.


Thanks for trying it out Kevin! Yes, funny that it isn’t consistent.

I see this is causing a lot of debate. Just wanted to attract your attention to other possibilities.

  1. use static text before/after the question to deliver your message, for example:

STATIC: Interviewer! in the next question record all the answers that the respondent mentions, even if you think they are not applicable to his case!


STATIC: Interviewer! make sure that the above question doesn’t show any errors before proceeding further in the interview!

  1. You can now include PDF attachments to the questionnaire and link to them from various places.

Hope this helps. Sergiy

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