Creating assignments with data in a batch upload

I am creating multiple assignments with a batch upload with data, however I keep getting a PL003 Error

image ,

for these 2 tables and I am cannot figure out why this is happening, the column (Members__id) exists in both tables. I am not seeing the table with data that isn’t in a roster. which was generally carried the forms name . Can someone please explain what and why is happening. I ave read the 5.25 version notes but I must be missing something.
Neville CSO TT

Hello Neville,

this error is described along with all other preloading-related errors here:

The easiest would be probably to download the template zip file and compare variable-by-variable with the file you are trying to upload.

Best, Sergiy

I just checked them and those files have the same fields, I hope I have figured it out, the name of the file with identifiers was the file name in prior to Version 5.25 ( now you use the version name so it should be I hope this is it and I get my data in. We want to be in the field next week.


  1. The name of the file is not something that Survey Solutions decides, but it is what is specified in the Designer by the author of the questionnaire. If your questionnaire corresponds to HOUSEHOLDS and contains a roster of MEMBERS, you will have and

  2. I don’t understand the guess

  3. The original message mentions particular file names with problems, such as which doesn’t fit into either of the patterns or


I am alternating between 2 errors on these tables a PL007 which say I don’t have the imcomeprofile__id field and the PL003 when I add this field to the table.I will replace the members__id field with the income*id .

these rosters are in the household section which runs after the members section. I use the list of names as my source question.

The thing is I see the members__id in the template for the file not the incomeprofile__id. So I am going to replace the membersid with the incomeprofileid in the file and see if this works.

This questionnaire was created long before version 5.26.

I feel I am getting closer to the solution, hopefully


!!! SUCCESS !!!

I got my assignments created.

The problem was the template I downloaded still showed the old id (membersid) and not (incomeprofileid) The template for these particular tables used the wrong field name.

I can have a good weekend now

Thanks for all the help, your questions allowed me to figure it out.


Neville, did you mean “the template that you UPLOADED” (to Survey Solutions)? so that there was a mistake in data preparation for Survey Solutions, or did you mean “DOWNLOADED” (from Survey Solutions) and you imply the program has given you a wrong template for the questionnaire?

I am glad that you’ve found a solution, but we need to make sure other users don’t get similarly confused.

Have a great weekend, Sergiy

To explain, I have my list of persons then my household members roster made from this list, after is my household section with a roster using the same list that is used for the household members. The roster in the household section in called incomeprofile so it’s ID would be Incomeprofile_id due to your change from version 5.25

The template I downloaded for this roster showed members_id as it was done previous to version 5.25. Additionally the data was collected previous to 5.25 and so those tab files would have the members_id in them.

The template with data that I downloaded had the incorrect ID for the household roster that is in use now, however you stated this in the version “the changes is the names of variables names need to be taken into account by users uploading interview assignments.” I didn’t understand the implications. I believe the server may have lost the fix as it was recovered after a being shut down.

I will send you the template I downloaded along with the uploaded problem tab files I successfully used from the household roster.