Creating admin account and download excel data

Hi Team

I am reaching out to seek your assistance in understanding the process of creating an admin account and downloading Excel data from the database.

Could you please provide detailed guidance on how to set up an admin account? Additionally, I would greatly appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to retrieve Excel data from the database.

When you say database, do you mean the Data Export tab or the the PostgreSQL database used on the back end?

Assuming you mean the former, there are only 3 formats: tab, Stata, and SPSS. Even though Excel isn’t directly available, one can easily read tab-delimited data with Excel. See more here and here for quick guides.

Administrator account creation is the final step of the Survey Solutions server setup. This is mentioned directly here.

This dialog looks like this:
and it is quite self-explanatory.

Hope this helps.

@sergiy , is there an article on how to create additional admin accounts (i.e., after setup is complete)? I couldn’t quickly find it the yesterday. I seem to recall that the process used the command line on the host machine.

@arthurshaw2002, take a look here, please.

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Also mentioned here: