Creating a roster from filtered multi select from another section

Good morning,

I am trying to create roster based on filter on a list question. Can this be done?

  1. I have a roster sourced on a multi select question on things a household does
  2. I then filter the household members from a household roster sourced on my list of household members
    and 3) I am now trying to roster questions for these filtered members in a multi select. however I cannot choose the filtered multi select as my source.

Should I eliminate the first roster 1) and use enable on subsections for that question categories and then continue with 2 and 3?


Neville, the program does not allow you to select that multiselect question as a source not because it is filtered, but because it is linked (members from the list). This has been already discussed here:

with the explanation and suggested solution.

Best, Sergiy

Ok, I understand, where can I see this example ? Which public questionnaire is it in?

I getting an error when trying to use the syntax for the enablement. the error says I need to explicitly specify type arguments. I am not exactly sure what that means.

I am not understanding what needs to be done to fix this compile error.