Create roster from previous respondent answer


I would like to create a new roster of various members of or relating to a household. This roster should be composed of individuals that have been previously selected from prefilled options in single-select and multi-select questions. The roster should also be able to pull from text questions in the event that the answer to the single select questions is “Other” (and thus we require a text question for the respondent to fill in the name).

The respondent will likely also select the same individual in some single and multi-select questions. Would it be possible to create such a roster and would it be possible to create such a roster without duplicating names?

Thank you

Hello Thomas,

in Survey Solutions a roster may be triggered by the following:
– numeric question;
– text list question;
– multiple choice question
or it may have a fixed size.

A questionnaire designer may select whichever of the above modes is most appropriate, but cannot invent any new behavior.

Best, Sergiy

Similarly, is it possible to create a roster that has more than one source question? For example, source questions number 1 has the response of “5 adults” and the second source questions has the response of “2 children” and then roster needs to pull from the addition of those two source questions (7 total people in the household).


No, a roster has only one source. The interviewer will have to directly enter 7 in your example into a numeric question.

You could restructure your questionnaire to ask “How many people live in the household?”, “How many of them are children?” to have 7 and 2 entered, to be compatible with Survey Solutions expectations. However in most cases one question is asked “How many people live here?” and the ages, sexes, and other information is inquired within the roster.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you!