Create multiple user account from any role

We faced the situation where we had to open a SuSo account for 304 Observer users , the Census is managed from 304 NSO local offices. The option “Creating multiple users by batch upload” only works for supervisor and interviewers roles. Please consider opening this functionality for other roles like HQ and Observers. It is not realistic to think that large projects like this one can be managed with a bunch of HQ and Observers users that work from the headquarter office.

Hello @aguinada ,

Observers can be created via API calls, so it should not be a problem for Ecuador Census.

Just created 10 accounts with the following 4 lines of Stata code:

forvalues i=1/10 {
  .s.users_create, role(observer) username(obs_`i') password("SomeSecurePassword")

Update to most recent version of the susoapi class from the GitHub if you want this to be run.

In the real project I would probably assign random passwords to the newly created accounts, but that is not related to Survey Solutions.

Best, Sergiy

PS: I assumed this is what you wanted from reading the message. But just noticed the thread title indicates “create multiple user account from any role”. I imagine that this is just a typo, and you’ve meant “create multiple user accounts of any role”. But if my guess was not correct, please comment…