Create a variable from a roster question that matches a condition

Hello, I have to create two variables from a roster. Firstly, I have a household member list question, called “nomint” (first image). Then, within the roster, there is a multi-select question called “form” that asks for the section that each member answered (second image).

I have to create a variable outside the roster, that stores each member that answered section 2 “Gastos del Hogar”.

Furthermore, I have to create another variable outside the roster that stores telephone numbers of members that answered 2 “Gastos del Hogar”, in “form” question. The telephone number variable is in the roster as well.

I hope it is understood. I would be grateful if you can help me with the Linq code for this.

Thank you,

In both cases you are trying to fit a vector into a scalar and that is a problem.
Why would you want to do that?

Is this a specific requirement from your census coordinator? How did she motivate this? Or is this a compatibility requirement of some other software? Or are you trying to design a workaround for something? Then what is the original problem?

@sergiy I must create a confirmatory text that states… “The household members %householdmembers% answered section “Gastos del Hogar”: and their telephones are %telephone%”. Probably, the information would be preloaded, so, the idea is that the interviewer call the members who answered the section.

I know that I could create this text inside the roster. Nevertheless, it does not allow me to put inside it, due to the number of elements asked there (more than 10). I have to state it at the the beggining of the section “Gastos del Hogar”.

If this is intended to be preloaded, then it is a hidden text question. Which you will preload with the text: “John Smith (555-555-1234), Mary Smith (555-555-4321),…” or the like. Clearly the text will be generated with the preloading procedure. Then you expose the content with a text substitution in a static text.

If you are doing a follow up and want to speak with every member that answered separately, then create separate interviews for each member, related to what you want to inquire of him/her.

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