Create a PDF report with all answers

Requests to export the data as PDF are recurrently coming from the members of this forum:

As well as numerous inquiries to the support team.

The usability of this seems extremely low, especially for large surveys, like censuses.
Hence, so far the practical answer was to write a program that produces the output from the exported data.

Here is an example of how this can be done (with various limitations). This code is not supported as part of the Survey Solutions project, so treat as a proof-of-concept, as-is, and at own risk.

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Each interview has an option - Overview. This lists all questions and their answers for that interview. Printing this page as PDF outputs the interview as PDF.

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This is absolutely correct.
And that functionality handles correctly all the limitations outlined.
But it prints 1 interview only.

Yesterday’s release of version 20.09 of Survey Solutions contains the functionality to generate transcripts:

See more in the release notes for v20.09