Create a function in a macro

Hello survey solutions team

I would like to know what your expectations and realities are using functions in a macro?
In future versions of Survey Solutions you will be allowed to create functions or other things in a macro, what are your plans in this regard?

For example, do you recommend creating macros like this?

I want to use best practices in the design of my questionnaire and I would like to know the opinion of experts like you on this subject.

Thanks for the help.

proceed at your own risk.
we can’t guarantee support in the future of such expressions (even if they compile now).


Thanks Sergiy

I prefer discard this option and don’t run this risk.

Thanks for your help.

Dear kv700032,
If you want freedom, if you want to improve your programming ability by designing your own functions, librairies, please try CSPro, who support object programming in his latest version.

Best regards,

Dear Sergiy,
What kv700032 posted is what every Survey Solutions User would like to do.

There’s no risk allowing users to write theirs own functions in Survey Solution. By continue to think this, you block users abilities. There’s no Data collection and processing without strong programming. Blaise Users, CSPro Users and ODK-X Users are free to write theirs librairies, functions, and noone speaks about risk.

Please free Survey Solutions!

Thanks in advance,