Counter question type

Description: Question type that, with each tap on the screen, increments the count. (Maybe with an option to decrement the count too.) Think of a passenger head count tally device.

Use cases: Several come to mind:

  • Cases where you want 1 more roster row, but there’s no natural trigger. Example: metadata on each interview visit: when it started, when it ended, what the outcome was.
  • Questions where a cumulative count is needed.
    • Example 1: Behavioral coding of performance-based activity. For example, how many times the teacher stands in a certain area of the room or interacts with students. See SDI or SABER classroom observation module. Example from Afghanistan here
    • Example 2: Counts of things passing by/observed (e.g., cars, birds, etc.)

This feature is worth considering again. For those of us moving from CAPI to CATI surveys, in light of the covid-19 pandemic, there needs to be a more natural way of adding roster rows for things like call attempt rosters. This is equally useful for CATI–but more acutely felt for CATI where there are potentially lots of visit attempts.

Seems like this could be a display mode for the existing numeric questions. This mode, of course, would restrict inputs to integers.

(Image sourced from this article)

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