Could not get the data in while data are exported in zip file

Dear Team member,

I am using survey solution ver 22.12.2 (build 33795) in two different server. I couldn’t see the dataset within a exported zip file while i am downloading the file from export menu. it is working perfectly in one server but in another server the collected data are not exported in zip file. there are only default file such as assignement_action, interview_actions, interview_comments, interview_dianostics, interview_errors and file name.


Do you have any errors in logs?
Do you think there is a possibility of invalid input for export generation?

Thanks for the reply.
We had reinstall the survey solution. now it is fixed. it was just starting so we reinstall.



Neither the description of the original problem (1), nor the description of the applied changes (2) allow to formulate any advice or recommendation for the other users. Please supply more details if possible.