Could not Connect to Survey Solution Designer

Dear Friends,

I have a dedicated server on premise to host survey solution application.

It has been working fine till yesterday when I was importing a questionnaire it is giving me an error. “Could not connect to Desginer. Please Check if Designer is available and try again.”

Every month I import a questionnaire and it was successful till yesterday.

Grateful if someone can help me.

Note: The server is a windows 2012 and the version of the survey solution is 21.01.1. I have enquired with the Network Administrator and no change has been done at his end.

Likewise there was no change that I am aware of at the Designer side of this story.
The last temporary disruption was recorded on July 30th:

  • try to login to designer directly from the browser on your server.
  • check your firewall settings and logs (for the server and all intermediate nodes).
  • try to replicate the problem using the demo server.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for your response.

I am able to login on the designer directly and there is no issue using the demo server also.

The firewall has been turned off and still I cannot connect to the designer.

From what you’ve described I can only conclude that:

  1. Designer subsystem managed by us is working;
  2. The server components are working as evidenced by the Demo server (managed by us) is working;
  3. There is no problem with your account, since you are able to login to the Designer.
  4. Since you indicate that you’ve been able to import the questionnaires earlier your installation/settings were likely ok, but since there is a problem now - something has changed on your side. Since this is your server, nobody on this forum except members of your organization would be able to tell you more, because that would (imho) require direct access to the configuration settings/logs.

So, I would:

A) inspect the Survey Solutions logs for any exceptions;

B) approach the network admin again, and challenge the “I have enquired with the Network Administrator and no change has been done at his end.” with clarifications, such as “what are the software and hardware measures that could possibly prevent communication from a node in our network to an external site?” Some of these softwares update automatically as often as multiple times per day (code and/or rules bases that they follow), and their behavior can change dramatically even without the admin moving a finger.

C) if all else fails you can try to setup another node as a server following the instructions we provide (or the ones you followed when you had your system working) and if the resulting system works fine, then inspect the differences with the older system that stopped working.

Dear Sergiy,
Thank you for your response above.
I challenged the network admin and it took several days but still there was no change at his end.

We had to setup a new VM and install the survey solution downloaded from the website.

The new server was able to connect to the designer page where as the old server was not.

The issue we notice was that the build was not the same.

Thank you very much for your support.

Perhaps, talk to @abilash89, he was also recently setting up a system using a VM and may give some advice.

Well, every build is having a different number. However, that doesn’t explain why the connection to the Designer could not have been established.

Without an even approximate diagram of the solution’s architecture (something along these lines: Architecture Diagram) it’s hard to give any advice.