Copying questions between questionnaires

I have an existing questionnaire with questions that I want to reuse in another questionnaire. I remember being able to copy and paste questions between questionnaire in the past. But, now the paste only works within the questionnaire and not between two questionnaire.

Has the functionality been removed? How do I copy a select questions to another questionnaire.

Hi ashwinikalantri,

I just tried it and it still works for me. If I want to do this, I usually open the two questionnaires in different tabs. I just right-click on a question, copy, and right-click again on a question in the questionnaire I want to copy it to, and then click paste after .

I have had in the past that it didn’t seem to work to paste in a new questionnaire as the first question, but then I created a blank question and pasted after that. Hope this helps,


Dear @sebastiaanhesss,

Thank you. For some reason, this wasn’t working before. The paste button wasn’t active. It is working now.

@ashwinikalantri copying questions between questionnaires only works within the same browser. If you try to copy a question e.g. from Chrome to FireFox it is not going to work. This is by design.

Perhaps this is what happened originally.

Best, Sergiy

I doubt if I used different browsers. But the feature has been working for me since.