Copy from shared questionnaire

Hi Survey Solutions Team

I am trying to copy from a questionnaire A (shared with me, I have editing rights) into another questionnaire B (owned by me), but I get a message when pasting that says:

You don’t have permissions to access the source questionnaire

Is this intentional behaviour or a bug? I think to have copied across questionnaires in the past even if I was not the owner of both. Conceptually, it would also make sense, as there are many work streams where it is useful to copy from one questionnaire to the other, even if one is not the owner of both.

Quick update: also copying and pasting within questionnaire A did not work for me.

Dear Andreas, thank you very much for reporting this behavior. The intent was that the copy/paste function should permit you to copy individual questions or sections from any shared or public questionnaires. We will look into this.

At the moment, as a workaround you could copy the whole questionnaire, then copy the items you need and dispose of the temporary copy.