CONVERT small letter to CAPITAL

Hello my survey team wants List of names in list question to appears in Capital
Is there a syntax to do that?

What is the rationelle for that?

They just want names of all respondent in a list to be in capital for better reading

Who wants the names in capital and when?

The Interviewers during Interview?
Well, if one is so keen, they can enter upper-case themselves? But I would not train Interviewers/Supervisors on this, as this preference might differ by human.

Any other staff at HQ post-survey?
Any statistical software can convert strings into upper- lower-case. Don’t enforce this on the interviewers which is unnecessary burden and prolongs interviews.

If you concatenate the list items into one string to display at a later stage during interview, you could always convert to upper case in the interview through


The survey team, want the name of each household member once typed by Interviewers to be converted to Capital during Interview?

The easiest way to get this behavior is a protocol approach. Add an element to your training program for your interviewers:

  • perform double tap on caps arrow on keyboard if you are entering the name

For which purpose? For example, "It allows the data to be entered faster" - then explain how, or “It allows fewer data entry mistakes” - then explain what mistakes/errors happen without it and how it helps, etc.