Control the member list

Please i need a help


I wanted to put a validation check for the interviewer:
if he answers question B06 with YES
he will have the obligation to fill another member on the list at B01A
thank you


   self != 1

(if the YES answer is coded as 1).

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Also you can try with this:
self == 1 ? B01A.Length > 1 : true

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@kv700032 , my French is a bit rusty :slight_smile: , but I believe the meaning of the question asked by @bayemanel is different, and is akin to the confirmation question mentioned today in this thread:

are there other people such as small children or infants that we do not have on the list

In which case the answer YES is always wrong and the persons must be added to the list and the answer here - changed to NO.

So the situation when there is a couple of adults listed will be passing your validation, but not in line with compiling the full list of the household members.

PS: posting questions in languages other than English is OK, despite it narrows down the audience quite a but, but posting only a screenshot without a typed text is not a good practice as anyone wishing to use a machine translation will have a hard time trying to get that picture translated.

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I have noted your remark for the image
B01A. Surname and First Name of Household Individuals

2°) … (enter a new element)

B06.Are there other people such as small children or infants that we do not have on the list?
1== YES
I put in the validation

self == 1 ? B01A.Length > numPeople : true

numPeople = variable total number of people on the list

Is it okay like solution ?
PS: **I want each time we answer question B06 with YES
that the interviewer has the obligation to add this person supposed to be forgotten **

Coincidentally B01A.Length is also the number of people in the list (or the ‘length’ of the list), hence B01A.Length is never more than numPeople, since they are defined identically, and the condition you wrote

self == 1 ? B01A.Length > numPeople : true

simplifies to:

self==1 ? false : true

which can be further simplified to


or, (as I wrote above):


If on the other hand numPeople is a question, then your check should be:

 B01A.Length == numPeople

and indicate to the interviewer whether the entered list is too short or too long for the declared number of people. Another way would be to use a roster to enter the names in this case, then you can be sure at least that you will never get more.

Best, Sergiy

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