Control sheet (date, time, code)

In each INEGI survey, there is a control sheet. In the control sheet among other things the date and time it took to conduct the interview, as well as the schedules and dates of visit are recorded.
In the case of visits, the situation that occurs in the home or economic unit is recorded, explaining the reason why the interview is not launched, assigning a code to each of the visits made.
This information is as important as the survey itself. The number of visits varies, from 0 to n-visits. For this case we apply a roster and that’s it. But, once the questionnaire is launched, the start time and end time must also be recorded. How do we record the time / date and the corresponding code in case the partial questionnaire? The time at which it is suspended and the date-time at which the interview will be resumed would be lost, since we do not know the number of times an interview can be suspended / resumed and the number of question in which it will be suspended. The LOG of the questionnaire could provide this information, but it would be necessary to additionally create a text parser to create the visit table.

Thank you!!