Contains/ContainsOnly version problem


I m new in this program, and try to use the example videos and surveys to learn.
But, when i try to use one of the examples in the Designer, this error show to me.

The Designer tells the Questionnaire is in older format.

Where i can find the new one?

Sorry for my English, my Country´s Lenguage is Spanish.

Tanks for all

Hello @Carlos2023 ,

the author of this public example has left it in the old format, which needs to be upgraded. You can:
A. Contact the author of the questionnaire and ask to do that, or
B. Create a copy of the questionnaire and click “Generate cover” link as described in note 3 of section “Other important changes…” of release notes for version 22.09.

The issue is not related to Contains()/ContainsOnly() functions use or definition.

Best, Sergiy