Consultant needed for paradata analysis with ML

I am looking for an STC with immediate availability to work on development of tools for paradata processing as per attached TOR.

If interested, please contact with a CV and cover letter (by May 3, 2023 or asap):

TORs ML dev.pdf (84.4 KB)

Hi, what is the salary range for this position?

Dear Vladi,

thank you for the question. The hiring for this position is guided by the World Bank STC rules, including the applicable fee setting rules that take into account the skills and experience of the candidates and the complexity of the task, usually resulting in quite a wide bracket.

For this consultancy a number of candidates have shown their interest and immediate availability by sending their CVs before the proposed deadline and we’ve already moved forward with the hiring process.

Should there be more opportunities related to Survey Solutions software in the future, I will make efforts to let the forum members know.

If you are an expert in surveying, questionnaire design, migrating from other software, etc and wish to provide the services to the interested parties, feel free to post your description to this section of the forum proactively, like is done, for example, here 1 indicating your strengths and past experience.

Best, Sergiy