Consultancy opportunity: short term vacancy

A colleague of mine is currently seeking a candidate to fill the following vacancy.
If interested, please contact Mr. Arthur Giesberts via email


The Economic and Debt Statistics department (DECES) of the Development data Group (DECDG) supports national statistical institutes (NSI’s) with capacity building and technical assistance in field of business statistics through the project “Economic Surveys and Firm Level Data”.

Important building blocks for business statistics are an establishment census, administrative data sources, a business register, questionnaires for annual and quarterly surveys, sampling and grossing up techniques, etc.

The glue between the building blocks consists of data processing. Moreover, data processing is the element that generates most value added and that determines the quality of the outcomes. Automation plays a very important role in data processing as it makes the data processing faster, more efficient, more objective, more uniform, reproducible, reusable, documented etc.

To achieve these advantages of automated data processing is harder than it seems however, as automation requires some systematic structure (standardization). Therefore, within the processes that must be automated a balance must be found between standardization and automation. Without some form of standardization, the resulting automation will be too complex, too expensive, too late and too slow. For automation to be a success it must be simple, cheap and effective enough to implement and use. As a consequence, it is also important to strike the right balance between proven technology and cutting-edge technology, the more because many of our clients are to be found in less developed countries.

Within DECES we are looking for data scientist to assist with the development, testing, documenting and implementation of simple, smart and efficient data processing tools for business statistics in NSI’s in developing countries.


The successful candidate meets the following requirements:

** Proficiency in English*
** Academic degree in data sciences, information analysis or a similar analytical science*
** Proven affinity with automation or other very precise analytical work*
** Able to work both independently and cooperatively*
** Skills and affinity to work in diverse multicultural settings*
** Analytical, persistent, initiative, result oriented*

Skills or knowledge as mentioned in the list underneath provides credits:

** Experience with compilation of (official) statistics*
** Knowledge of a language with complex character sets (like Arabic or Chinese); it helps to adapt/create tools that can handle those complex character sets*
** Knowledge of any secondary language (of WB client countries); it helps to build, test and improve multilingual functionality of tools*
** Knowledge on and experience with Survey Solutions*
** Knowledge on and experience with VBA (Excel) or other scripting language (Stata, SPSS, etc.)*


The work ranges from more operational (working on testing, manuals, training materials, translating, using of tools), to more conceptual (defining and testing data processing rules), to innovative (develop entirely new systems like for instance tooling that identifies likely matching records in different registers). Based on your knowledge, skills and interests and based on the necessities your work will concentrate at a certain part of that work range.


ASAP till Feb 28, 2021

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