Consistency check between a multi-select question followed by one or more related single select questions

On a crime questionnaire. When applying Section C2 for crimes experienced in the past 3 years you have the option of selecting which authorities you had contact with and asked you for money. In the next example, I chose the first 3:
Then, you fill how many times it happened in the past 12 months. I wrote 2 for each authority:
(also for the other 2 authorities…)
When I get to the modules, there is the question about with which authority you had one of the three most recent experiencies. You can choose any, and that is a consistency error.

How do I restrict the single select question options in the questions which follow to the selected multi-select question options from the question which preceded the single select questions?


In the filter box put for the single select: question_with_multiselect.ContainsAny(@optioncode). For example C2_11a.ContainsAny(@optioncode)
It should be the same items for both questions.

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Thanks, much appreciated!!