Connect GIS mobile application to Survey Solutions

If I have a GIS mobile application, is there a way to link my solution to Survey Solutions?, I mean SS has an API o a way to receive information from other application and save it in its database?

At INEGI we have a very complete cartography with code for every single area, so for us is very important to preserve that information in our cuestionaries.

Could you please provide a more detailed description of what data this GIS application captures and, thus, would record in Survey Solutions data? The more concrete the description, the better.

We need to store only the key (alphabetic text) related to our geostatistical framework. Our GIS solution will provide access to the entire cartography in vector format, and control the process of selecting a feature, wich key should be stored in Survey Solutions data model.

Survey Solutions supports hidden questions (e.g. numeric or text fields) that can be preloaded at assignment creation and are invisible/inaccessible to enumerators. They will be exported along with the main data and then later can be used in the matching with other data sources, eg GIS.

Thank you Sergiy, but, the information is not preload, I have this GIS application where the user can select a block, building footprint or a locality, and we need to send the block , building footprint or locality key number to survey solutions (SS) so SS can store the information.

So how do you send it from your application to PDFView or to Google Sheets (offline)? Please, provide an example that we can reproduce.