Confirming past household members and adding new ones into list for panel surveys


Trying to get further clarification on an older post. I am trying to confirm whether household members from a previous round of a panel survey are still part of the household. Then, add new members who were not part of the household before. This list of members for the current year then forms the basis for other rosters to get more information on current household members.

In the following help thread, it is clear how to confirm if past members are still members. Would appreciate guidance regarding how to add new members and get the final combined list of members.


preload the list of the known members and a hidden numeric question with value 1 for everyone. In the roster ask a question if the person is still a member of the HH if the value is equal to 1. Leave the trigger accessible to the interviewers so that they can add new members. Ask questions to new members if the hidden question is not answered.

There is no way to create a “final combined list of members”. The only way is that they have to be part of the same list to begin with.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin