Complex Matrices

Scenario: Habitually, questionnaires include complex matrices. These structures help to simplify the handling and presentation of the questions, avoiding the questionnaire becoming too long.

Examples: There are questions with answers that span more than two columns because you have several options, for example: “Yes”, “No”, “Don’t Know”, “Don’t Answer”.

A Pregnancy History section may contain a question, like "Do you use any contraceptive method? If the answer is “Yes,” the respondent is asked to specify the different contraceptive methods he or she uses (which can be more than one) based on a list of possible methods. Depending on the methods selected, there are one or more additional questions, each with different answering options.

In the case of manufacturing surveys, the questions are based on a classification of products. The questions depend on the industrial sector to which the product belongs, which is obtained from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). If the product is not found in the classifier then you have the option to add it.

  1. We have not found a practical solution in Survey Solutions to address this kind of scenarios. Is there a way to deal with them?
  2. Is there a way to put different types of questions combining controls such as drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. in the different columns of a matrix?
  3. Scrolling horizontally becomes difficult when the matrix is too wide and overpasses the screen width. Is there a way to make horizontal navigation more efficient for matrix questions?