Complex/hybrid grid tables

Can a hybrid table be designed in survey solution, where the respondent could make a selection from a check-box design located on the left and include an open-ended element to the right of the responses in which to add additional comments for clarification? Thank you.

Hi Kirsten, would a Multi-Select roster help in your case?

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The question is not clear whether all items must be checked first, and then comments are to be supplied for the checked ones, in which case @giansib 's solution is best, or for each item the comment must be provided immediately on checking, in which case a flat fixed roster with Y/N question and a conditional text question may be used:

Thanks, Sergiy. We will think about whether to choose this or giansib’s suggestion.

Is the comment mandatory? Is it part of the information you are collecting and must be specified? Or is it a general comment, something like “I checked it, but I am really not sure what it means”. In that case you can, perhaps, rely on the built-in commenting feature.

Should the negative selections be commented? In that case proceeding with multiselect-triggered roster will not achieve this.

The more details you can provide about the use case, the better can be the advice.

Hi Sergiy,
The comments are not mandatory, but the teams wants to keep a comment section in case of clarifications. In other tables, the comment box entails a request for the ‘legal basis’ and in this case it would be mandatory.

We are trying to figure out, how would such tables (sometimes with a non-mandatory comment, sometimes with a mandatory comment) best be presented in Survey Solution. If it is too complicated to answer so many of these type of questions, then we need to ask the teams to reduce comment sections.

What is the built-in commenting feature?

@kirsten , here is more information on the built-in commenting feature:

  • How to leave comments in Interviewer. See here.
  • How to see/add comments in Headquarters/Supervisor. See “Add Comments” heading here.
  • How to see/analyse comments as data. See the structure of interview__comments, the comments file, here.