Complete Interview button doesn't show up on the tablet

The enabling conditions for the Household Section is - Could you contact the household? question should be answered Yes.

Web Interface

On the web interface, this works fine with the complete button showing up if this condition is not met. But on the tablet, the button to move to the Household section shows up. It is not clickable. The menu also doesn’t show this section. I can complete the interview by going to the complete section from the menu.


The colour of the header turns green, indicating that the form is complete.

Thank you for reporting.
It’s a known issue Button shows disabled section name · Issue #1472 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub
We are planning to fix it in the next release

Hi @ashwinikalantri ,

for you or other interested readers with the same issue - see the thread here where I highlight a workaround for the time being (which you most likely did already).

@vitalii @peter_brueck Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the fix.