COMPLETE button title

There has been some confusion with the naming of the complete button in the CAWI interface. The following screenshot should (hopefully) clarify:

The “complete” labels that are marked as FIXED here are not configurable by the end user, but will be affected by the current language as selected by the user in the settings of his/her browser. If this word appears not accurately translated in a particular language you will need to contact the developers and suggest a better text for it.

The “complete” button title that is marked as CONFIGURABLE can be adjusted in the settings of the web page templates for the particular survey on the Survey Solutions data server. In the screenshot I have applied the text “Really final complete button” to indicate that after clicking this button the user will no longer be able to make any edits. But you can apply any other suitable text. This text will appear exactly as typed and in one language only ==> exactly as you typed it.

Read more here: Webpage Templates

Regardless, it is always a good idea to include some minimal instructions on the process of completion of the web interviews into the invitation emails, such as how to resume the interview if it needs to be completed in multiple sessions or using different devices, and when the interview is submitted and no longer accessible, and how should the user react to error messages, etc.