Compile error, maximum size

Hi guys,

I have the following problem, when I compile the form in the designer the following error appears:
“[WB0098]: The size of the questionnaire is approximately 5.22MB. It is too big to be properly worked with Survey Solutions, try to reduce its size to a maximum of 5 MB.”

I would like to know how much is the weight value of each question created?

At the moment I have 798 questions, and certain questions of a single selection type I have loaded many items.

Could that maximum size of the questionnaire be changed?

The upper limit on the size of the questionnaire document is not adjustable by the end user, so you have to stay within this limit.

Keep in mind that when uploading a file of your classification, each option you have there will have about 64 bytes overhead (to the option’s code and text).

Stay alert for the next version coming soon. It will have some major optimizations, which will allow you to restructure the questionnaire in a way that should permit less duplication of questions, thus eating up less of the 5mb limit.

In the meanwhile either reduce the number of items in the classifications (e.g. introduce ‘other’ category replacing multiple rare options) or number of questions using them.

Best, Sergiy

Hi all,

Where is it possible to get info on the form size in the form designer? That would help to keep an eye at the current form size, adjust the coding accordingly and prevent incurring into the form size limit error [WB0098].