Compilation Error : [WB0067]:Valid variable or roster ID name should not be empty

When i compile the questionnaire, an error message “[WB0067]:Valid variable or roster ID name should not be empty” appears. What should I do?


You need to select either your variable or your roster and give it a name.
In the warning or error message, each message is a hyperlink. Clicking on the link will to you to the corresponding questions or variable. Once here, give your variable or roster a name. Top right handed in your design pane.
Try it.


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Oh one more thing.
Variable name does not accept white space (Spaces between words)

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If this error occurred after the Version 18.08 release, then it is possible that the Questionnaire Variable is missing and must be added. To do this, open the questionnaire from Designer, go to Settings at the top right corner of the browser window, enter a variable name for Questionnaire.

For additional details regarding this release, you can visit:
[Version 18.08] (



That is of course on purpose - variable names are ‘single’ words to be used in expressions, as column names in exported Stata and SPSS files, etc. so they do not contain spaces. There are question title (shown to the interviewer on the UI) and question labels you’d probably want to look at.