Compilation error: "Error: Could not resolve 'questionnaire.chapter.questionnaire' from state 'questionnaire.chapter.statictext'"

Compilation was working but I must have changed something and can’t figure out what I changed. What does this error message mean please? [WB0067]:Valid variable or roster ID name should not be empty." When I click on it it says Compilation error: “Error: Could not resolve ‘questionnaire.chapter.questionnaire’ from state ‘questionnaire.chapter.statictext’”

Please open Setting dialog, specify “Questionnaire variable” and press “Update”.
If this problem will re-occur, refresh the page using one of the following combinations:
Windows: Ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

Thank you Slava, that seems to work

Hi again Slava,

I’m now working on a second questionnaire and again get the same error message “[WB0067]:Valid variable or roster ID name should not be empty.”.

When I click on it it navigates to “Settings”, I can hover the mouse on the “Questionnaire variable [?]” text and read all the rules about naming variables. Unfortunately they disappear if one tries to copy-paste them to note them here, but I double-checked all my variable names and they are all to spec.

Like you previously advised, if I type “Questionnaire_variable” in the “Questionnaire variable [?]” box the error message disappears. So that’s all fine but I’m still wondering what the error message meant. Will this happen for every questionnaire i design?

Thanks for any insight,


Since version 18.08 it is required to specify a variable name for all questionnaires.
If you will omit this field every time you design a questionnaire you will get the compilation error.
Rules for questionnaire variable are the same as for any other entity on Designer:
Variable names and roster IDs may be from 1 to 32 characters long and must contain only following characters: a-z, A-Z, _, or 0-9. The first character cannot be 0-9 or _ and the last one cannot be _.
Questionnaire variable will define the name of your export file and name of the main file in it, that is why it is recommended to give this variable some meaningful name.

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thanks Slava, much appreciated!

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