Commercial use of Survey Solutions

Actually I run a survey agency, is it possible to use Survey Solutions for commercial purpose?

If yes, will Survey Solutions give free server support in this case?

Yes, Survey Solutions is developed as a global public good with no restrictions on the use for both public and private companies and for commercial purposes.

We provide free server instances on our cloud for most of our clients. However, we will need to discuss the conditions if you want to use our servers for very large >200,000 cases surveys.


Hi SS Team,
I would like to get some idea about Survey Solutions functions. What happens to a questionnaire, on going interviews, assignments, applications etc. once Survey Solutions gets a new version or update?
Is it possible that a new version or update may face issues related to a questionnaire display on tablets, synchronization?


Our policy is to maintain system-wise backward compatibility for three release cycles. In the current schedule it means that a user has about 6 months window when he can use Survey Solutions system without upgrading.
In other words, interviews, assignments, applications etc. should work without upgrades for that period of time.