Comments in web interviewing mode

Dear SuSo team,

First, I realize that comments in CAPI are meant for interviewers to provide additional information for a particular question during an interviewer. I also realize that CAWI mode is a self-administered interview which would change the purpose of the question level comment feature. With that said, we have a CAWI survey where we want to allow respondents to make comments on questions.

Is there a way to do that in CAWI mode? I tried clicking on the question like you would do in the interviewer app, but it didn’t work.

Thanks! Michael

Dear Michael,

We will implement this feature in the nearest release which is in August.
It is exactly in the process of development.

Best regards,

Komarovskaya Aleksandra

Survey Solutions Team Support

  1. Rara, where is the problem? Download the file with the link and deliver it to the respondents.
  2. Kindly read the “release notes for version 5.21”:
  3. If you have a question not related to the original question, do not hijack somebody else’s discussion thread, but start a new question in the user forum.