Combing list questions to link to a single-select

Dear Support,

I have two list questions. I would like to create a single select question in which the options are the combinations of both lists together.

I have been trying to use filter questions and so on, but can’t figure out a way to make this particular situation work. I also thought of doing two multi-select, yes/no questions, and creating a validation where only option should be marked yes from either of the questions. However, SuSo doesn’t allow multi-select yes/no for linked questions.


Thanks as always! Michael


thank you for the question.

  1. if you have two text list questions and you want a categorical linked question showing options from both lists - this is not possible in Survey Solutions.

  2. if you have two categorical multiselect questions (e.g. WATER SUPPLIERS, ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS) and subsequently you want to select e.g. the most important supplier from utilized suppliers in a single select, then this is done with the help of the filter on a consolidated list of options:

waterSuppliers.Contains((int)@optioncode) || electrSuppliers.Contains((int)@optioncode)

or in Y/N mode:
waterSuppliers.Yes.Contains((int)@optioncode) || electrSuppliers.No.Contains((int)@optioncode)

where we assume options don’t overlap between the two source questions, e.g. you start numbering water suppliers 101, 102, 103, and electricity suppliers as 201, 202, 203.

Best, Sergiy

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Michael, What workaround have you found?

Hey Sergiy,

Thanks, but we need to combine the lists as options in a linked question.

We found a work around.

Best, Michael