Combined lists for roster

In our survey, we are updating household information. This includes migration, births, deaths etc.

The death records are filled in a roster that is triggered by a multi-select question population by pre-loaded roster of existing members of that household as recorded in the previous round. But if a new member (new birth, new migration) dies, we can not fill in the details of their death.

Is there any way to create a new list that will combine names from 3 different rosters (pre-loaded roster of existing members, new roster for in-migration and new roster for birth).

This new list should population a multi-select question, that will trigger the death roster.

Is it not possible to trigger a roster using a multi-select question that has its options populated by a roster?

In a sense, I think this question might reduce to how best to handle a panel survey, where there are inflows and outflows of members over time.

If so, have a look at the following resources:

  • Short threads on this topic. See here and here. There may be other, better threads.
  • COVID CATI panel survey as an example. The strategy here is to create a single roster (members) with a shared source (s2q1). The roster is split into two parts. The first asks about whether last round’s members remain members. The second part captures basic information about new members. The roster source is “protected” for all preloaded past members, but new members can be added.

Not sure if this answer, which is potentially orthogonal to your question, helps.

Some additional resources that might provide more insight from the perspective of preparing assignment files:

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This seems to be close to what we want.

Just to clarify: 1. the hidden numeric will be within the roster? 2. Cant leaving the trigger question (list) accessible to the interviewer lead to unwanted changes/tampering to this list.

In any case, I will try this method.

I tried this method. Changing the text in the list question only changes the label and the data in the roster reamins intact. The only problem is that the interviewer can mistakenly or maliciously delete a name from the list.

To prevent this, “protect” the list trigger. See the article linked above.

Wonderful! This does the trick!