Code to indicate when a section or sub-section is completed

Is there code to indicate when a section or sub-section is completed? I came across the post at Is it possible to enable a question coditionated on completing an entire sub-section?, but it does not fully answer the question. I don’t want to do it for an enabling condition, but to produce static text to indicate if certain sections are completed or not.

Yes, this is possible for sections:
IsSectionAnswered() is what you are looking for. Take a look at all Section functions here.

  1. Go to your section that you want to validate if it is completed and give it a variable name, e.g. sec1 for Section 1 in your questionnaire

  2. Use it as an enabling or validation condition: !IsSectionAnswered(sec1) will return TRUE if there are still some questions unanswered within sec1.

The same applies for sub-sections, though I think this feature has been introduced just recently?


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Awesome Peter! Thanks for pointing me to the list of functions.