Cloud Server Location

We are starting a town census in Saudi Arabia and require our server to be located in KSA. Wondering if someone can guide us how to ensure that cloud server is located in KSA? I hope this is a doable option in SurveySolutions.

When requesting a server from the vendor, select placement in KSA.

For example, in AWS we select region from the following (which are periodically extended or revised):

AFAIK, none of the big three international cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) has cloud server placement in KSA, with the nearest being in UAE. You may wish to double-check availability (and future availability) with the vendors directly, by using the links for inquiries from this page: Cloud server request .

Still, there should be plenty of local cloud server providers, which you can find by doing a corresponding internet query. It is then up to the vendor to comply with the declared storage region, and not to route or store the data elsewhere.

When I did such a search, I found that Alibaba apparently does offer relevant services to KSA customers, ( yet the exact conditions and assurances are up to you to verify.

Best, Sergiy