Closing Gaps project - Inter-American Development Bank

Dear Survey Solution’s support team,

Since 2011, the Inter-American Development Bank has been conducting the “Closing the Gaps” project in Ecuador. The primary goal of the project is to assess the development of around 28,000 kindergarten students who started their education in 2012 across approximately 200 schools in 13 provinces of the country.

In the latest field survey conducted in 2021-22, contact information for approximately 10,500 participants was reviewed and updated to facilitate future communication. Moving forward, the goal is to develop a more streamlined information collection system, whereby participants can self-report their data by completing periodic web-based surveys. These surveys will focus on topics such as potential enrollment in tertiary education, labor market participation, and other socio-economic factors. By implementing this system, we aim to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection while minimizing participants’ attrition.

If possible, we would like to schedule a conversation to discuss how we can implement this system through Survey Solutions.

Thank you.