Check order randomized questions were presented

Is there a way to see the order in which randomized questions were presented during an interview? Is there a variable that identifies question order?

How do you do randomization of order of questions?

It might help us to answer your question if you refer us to a similar functionality in the other system you have been using. For example, how it is implemented in ODK or CSPro, or Tangerine.

Some more info: in this survey there are several “blocks” of questions (i.e., groups of 7-8 questions). For each of these blocks, we have written macros to randomize the order in which the questions are presented. When we export the data, there is no variable that indicates the order in which the questions were presented. Is there a way we can access this information?

If you know the randomization algorithm you can create a variable that will preserver the information about the randomization order. That variable could be exported.